I see my goal like an artist in creation of multidimensional polymodal field for new human experience. Maybe we could compere such experience with dreaming. Usually in our dreams we could see something familiar and something unbelievable as well, and if we try to catch a sense of this dream we could get a new level of awareness of our life. So maybe art is a way of how humanity see collective dreams and I am the one of dreams makers. 

I am multidisciplinary artists and I use variety of mediums in my artistic language: sculpture (work with soap, silicone, ready-made objects), photography, clay, performance art, graphics, collages etc. Mostly I create site-specific installations, but it could be separate objects or works too. 

There are several topics which inspire my art process: 

1. Global identity. How we feel our roots today? How this high mobility and “openmindness” of modern life affects our identity? What is the part of local context in our inner representation of our selfs? What make us different, what make us part of some communities? 

2. Visualisation of individual and interpersonal consciousness and unconscious mental space. The artist proposes to move away from the functional perception of mental life in the categories of "good/bad", "useful/harmful", "normal/abnormal" and see the unique aesthetics of the mental world. 

3. Order and chaos. Their opposition and interference like one of the basic principles of existence of big open systems.

4. Ecotrauma. How we feel about our ecological footprint in everyday life and this neurotic conflict between what we want end was we can do?

Since 2019 I also keep curatorial practices by organising contemporary art projects, one of them "Assemblage Points" became a part of the 8th International Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.

The important part of my artist life is being the co- founder and active member of the Art Community YRA! (Young Russian Artists), based in Moscow.

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